Start or Boost Your Business on-the-go with Live Video Streaming

Since its launch in 2016 on the Facebook platform, live streaming has been used by millions to captivate viewers around the world. More than 800,000 watched for 45 minutes while Buzzfeed made a watermelon explode with elastic bands. And who can forget the hilarious Chewbacca Mom? Or the eventful election coverage?

From ridiculous stunts to celebrity livecasts, there’s no denying that live video broadcast has become the hottest trend in online media today. Big brands and influencers have jumped on this chance to market themselves, but so far very few have been able to use live streaming to sell an actual product.

How can you, the performer, the business owner, or even you, Ashley the university student, ride this trend to build a business or just to make some extra cash?

To get you started, we’ve put together a list of 3 ways you can start a business (or boost your existing one) with live streaming using the SellCast app:

1. Sell your stuff

We all have stuff we don’t need and want to sell, but the thought of taking pictures, looking up the specs and typing everything up… it’s enough to just leave that guitar in the corner and watch Netflix instead.

What if you could sell that guitar in a few minutes using live video broadcast right from your smartphone? Pick it up, (make sure it’s tuned first!), play that great riff you know and show the guitar from all angles – that’s all you need to make a quick sell with the SellCast app. Live stream your sales pitch for thousands of local viewers, share it on Facebook and Twitter right from the app, instantly find a buyer and get paid on the go.

Are you a business owner with a new product that needs more exposure? Live stream a sale right from your store to create an instant promotional event. Using SellCast, you can show viewers around your shop and let your sales staff demonstrate the products while you answer their questions in real time.

2. Auction your valuable items

What about that antique armoire you got from a relative but never used? Even after listing it on Craiglist several times, you never got the price you wanted. Now you can set up your very own auction with live video broadcast, share it on Facebook and Twitter right from the app, and find serious buyers that will give you the price you want for your valuable item.

Using BidCast, the auction feature of SellCast, you can answer potential buyer questions live, boosting their confidence to bid and drive your item price even higher!

3. Produce and broadcast your own show
What about those of us without an actual product to sell? The musician, the chef, the makeup artist, the yoga coach?

If you are one, you probably already have a YouTube channel with a bunch of tutorials, performances and classes to make yourself known. Now that you have a good number of followers, why not live stream an awesome show (or class), share it across our social network right from the app, and actually charge for it? Using FundCast, the crowdfunding feature of SellCast, you can let out your inner Master Chef, Rock Star or Yoga Guru and start building your live streaming business.

The possibilities are endless with SellCast, our free sell-by-video app. All you need is a smartphone and an idea, and you’re ready to start selling!

To learn more about how to start a business using SellCast, visit:

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