7 Major Keys to Selling With Video

Why sell your stuff with photos when you can paint a more persuasive picture with video? To make an engaging, effective listing, consider these seven tips—and consider it sold.

1. Be descriptive, but not wordy.

The average web user’s attention span is eight seconds, and nothing kills a sale like a long-winded video. Pare down your selling points to what’s absolutely necessary, with the “extras” toward the end, and you’ll make your video more compelling, more quickly.

2. Give an honest view.

Honesty is important when gaining trust and credibility as a seller in any marketplace. When getting your product shots, include multiple angles of the item, including the imperfections, and use familiar objects to show size and scale.

3. Keep it lit.

Shoot in a room with bright, natural light, when possible, for the sharpest (and most flattering) image of both you and your item.

4. Focus on the product.

Film in a clean environment or on a simple surface. Seeing the goods in the context of your messy house sure takes away the magic.

5. Time it right.

Pick a good time to post or stream your video listing. Sundays are the busiest day of the week in the US for online shoppers, and during the week, your best bet will be to stick with evenings when folks are able to tune in, monitor bidding, and add to cart without as many work-related distractions.

6. Tell a story.

Is there something special about your item’s history, or have an anecdote that’ll add to its sentimental value? Share it to strengthen the viewers’ connection to what you’re selling.

7. Give viewers a call to action.

Ah, the ask. Whether you’re looking for your audience to bid, buy, or chat you with questions, keep them captivated by providing some direction on what to do next. You’d be surprised with how much this affects your engagement rates!

Put these best practices to work, and you’ll start seeing more lettuce in your pockets. Don’t have the SellCast app yet? Download it here and start selling!

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