How to Become an Entrepreneur with No Money or Experience

SellCast App is an easy…WAIT!!!…. easiest way to buy and sell things around you. Now you must be wondering why we said “easiest”? Because SellCast uses HD streaming video instead of selling using boring pictures. Yes… SellCast is the world’s first Sell-by-Video marketplace. It allows you to buy and sell new and used items, essentials or cooler things. You can buy and sell anything to everything, cars, clothes, electronics, jewelry, and even real estate. The App’s huge listings bring you cool deals near you. Sounds interesting? Check out our blog here to know more on App’s features and how it can make buying and selling things as easy as a piece of cake.

That’s not the end to App’s amazingness. Let’s dig deep into what this App is capable of.

Have you ever dreamt of being an entrepreneur with no money and no experience at all? YES, it’s possible with “how to start a business using SellCast guide”; all you will need is your smartphone. Whether you want to buy or sell stuff, live steam events or crowdfund projects, SellCast allows you to do it all from one powerful mobile App. So practically, you are just few steps away from being an entrepreneur. Install the app, setup your profile, link your PayPal account and start selling.

Here’s an overview of the SellCast process:

Step1: Download the App

Step 2: Choose you mode, listing or event streaming mode

Step 3: Record or live stream HD video of your item or event

Step 4: Promote your listing by sharing it with SellCast users, or your own social media followers. The users in your network get notified of the listing and they can start buying, bidding or crowdfunding right away.

So let’s get the ball rolling. Download the App here and start SellCasting!

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