Making & Saving Money was never this easy. Thanks to Live Streaming by SellCast App

Recently we published a piece helping you understand the benefits of selling with video. Basic stuff, right? Now we think you’re ready for a more advanced lesson: How to make and save money doing live streams, a completely different ballgame. This read will be beneficial for both, live streamers and viewers.

Have you always believed that earning with live streaming requires a lot of time, dedication and luck? What if we told you that there is an app that can make live streaming fun and making money literally a walk in the park!! Intrigued? Thanks to the new PayCast feature of our app, you can now earn sitting in the comfort of your home!

If you are ready to start, and if you’re serious about what you’re doing, here’s how you can earn while you’re streaming. SellCast offers a feature PayCast, where you can charge viewers a specified fee to watch your stream. It will not be just live but interactive too. Moreover, the App’s proprietary technology offers low latency live streaming on HD video to give a real-time experience to the users.

Let’s take an example for the Live Streamers. How can they make money?

You can make someone’s turkey sandwich taste so much better with your live stream and make some cash too.

You might be a great cook or chef in a fancy restaurant, but have you ever thought of sharing your recipes with live streaming, bringing the aroma and flavors straight to your viewer’s table and getting paid by them for watching you do what you love? It’s time to think with PayCast! The outreach is tremendous and it gives you an interactive platform to connect with your followers every step of the way!

What do we have for the viewers? How can they save money?

You can now use PayCast and stream workout classes live to your living room!

In our fast-paced lives finding time to go to the gym for a workout is tough, but now, with PayCast, you can pay a nominal fee to the live streamer and enjoy a personalized live and interactive fitness session at home! It is light on the pocket and can be customized to your needs!

I’m sure you agree that PayCast is a WIN WIN for both streamers and users!

Go and try it out yourself and make a fortune. Don’t have the SellCast app yet? Download here and start live streaming!

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