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We liasoned with industry’s best brains to revolutionize the sell-by-video marketplace and change the way you engage with your audience forever. This is why SellCast is the answer to all your buying /selling troubles.

What a Technology!! — With SellCast you can buy, sell and crowdfund at the tips of your fingers.

Unbelievable Speed – SellCast’s proprietary technology offers low latency live streaming on HD video to give a real-time experience to the users.

WOW, Instant Payments!! Funds get transferred immediately into your account.

Safe Money Transfer – SellCast uses PayPal for making funds transfer easy and secure.

There’s so much more to SellCast. The App will let you say goodbye to at least six marketplaces including eBay, Craigslist, QVC, Kickstarter, Periscope, & Pay Per View. Want to know How? Let’s give you an answer with SellCast’s easy-to-use features.

SellCast – Why sell with photos, when you can sell anything and everything using video. Launch the App and choose the video selling mode. Next, promote your listing by sharing it with SellCast users, or your own social media followers. The users in your network get notified of the listing and they can start buying right away!

BidCast – Auction your items here and let the buyers bid. You choose the highest bidder as the winner…. Let them outbid each other while you simply click and choose!

FundCast – Now here comes the groundbreaking feature. With FundCast, you can effortlessly crowdfund projects or causes. We have segregated FundCast into FreeCast, PayCast and CrowdCast.

Live stream your project or event and let viewers watch your stream for free through FreeCast.

On the other hand, PayCast lets you charge your viewers a specified fee to watch your stream. It will not be just live but interactive too for the viewers.

And we saved the best for the last! Allow us to introduce you to CrowdCast, our breakthrough feature that makes your crowdfunding process a breeze! Set a reward for certain donation amounts to your projects and make the process interactive and enticing for your investors! Keep the cash flowing in!


Isn’t SellCast interesting? I am sure the answer is “Yes”.

Don’t have the SellCast app yet? Download Here and start SellCasting!

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