Why Use SellCast?

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SellCast, allows users to buy and sell items as well as promote their projects LIVE using cutting edge video streaming technology all from within a single app!

SellCast, a new way to sell LIVE online tailored specifically for mobile devices! But that’s only the beginning. SellCast’s newly developed cutting edge Patent pending technology propels the online sales and crowdfunding paradigms into the future by allowing sellers and promoters to more readily interface with users anywhere in the world with any camera enabled mobile device.

SellCast features three revolutionary parts working in tandem to deliver a cutting edge experience for users. FundCast, SellCast, and BidCast.

 Imagine a way of getting your content in front of users without ever having to touch a PC. FundCast allows promoters to deliver content directly to users and get paid for it immediately all on their mobile device. It’s like crowdfunding but LIVE and mobile with no lower limit on goals. If you want to promote your music, perform LIVE using FundCast app and collect donations as you perform!

BidCast takes all of the hassle and frustration with existing online auction portals and throws it out the window. Auction anything you want wherever you are by simply pointing your mobile device’s camera at the item and clicking a button! As users bid they can ask questions about your item that you can answer live while they continue to bid! When you reach a price you like you can end the auction and get paid!

PayCast Now takes the online sales experience and personalizes it for the buyer. Who needs QVC when you have PayCast? Want to sell a watch? Record a quick video detailing all the features about the watch set a price, and hit submit or go in front your audience LIVE, set a price, and hit submit; that’s it! No blurry photos or questionable paid for reviews! See what you’re getting in high definition before paying a cent!

SellCast aims to completely transform the old outdated models for online auctions, crowd funding, and ecommerce. People want mobile applications that work and make life easier, and that’s exactly what SellCast.

SellCast is designed from the ground up to become the new global standard for online sales, auctions, crowdfunding and ecommerce. A revolution in the way buyers, sellers, promoters, and fans interface with one another to get more out of the experience for everyone involved! SellCast has the advantage of working on both iOS and Android.

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